Another George Besides Washington Who Was A Fan Of No Party Affiliation; George H.W. Bush

By Bruce Nathan PT

Time is going by very quickly so do not miss a moment of what can happen next. George Washington (1732-1799) knew our new founded country was unique as he professed unity as it could be a new time for a great group of people, now referred to as ‘Americans’, and that was only a short time ago. Our first president was able to capture this United States as he was commander and chief  during the first revolutionary war of the continental army. He led the Colonial Forces to victory over the British and became a national hero. George Washington was the only President to receive 100% of the electoral votes to become president and what might possibly be the most important part of our first president; NO PARTY AFFILIATION. No division of our country which was not only important to him but it became important to our next leader John Adams as well.

This coordinates very well with the passing of President George H. W. Bush (1924-2018) and his overall philosophy. The presidency has just lost the last regard for the high standard that position holds. The White House HAD a distinction and dedication to traditional American Values for the reason our first president and 41st president had fought for our country.

George H.W. Bush was the youngest pilot, 18 years old,  to fight in the Navy during World War II. He was in the Military as a torpedo bomber pilot in the Pacific theater when his squadron was attacked by Japanese anti-aircraft guns. Bush was forced to bail out of the plane over the ocean. According to the Navy’s records, Bush’s squadron was conducting a bombing mission on a Japanese installation on the island of Chi Chi Jima in the Pacific when they encountered heavy anti-aircraft fire. The engine on Bush’s plane was set ablaze, yet Bush managed to release his bombs and head back toward the aircraft carrier San Jacinto before bailing out over the water. Three other crew members perished in the attack. After floating on a raft for four hours, a submarine crew fished a safe but exhausted Bush out of the water.  His bravery in action earned him a Distinguished Flying Cross. The previous June, Bush had experienced a similar close call with death when he was forced to make a crash landing on water after a bombing run; a U.S. destroyer crew rescued him from the sea. After his harrowing experience near Chi Chi Jima, Bush returned to the San Jacinto and continued to pilot torpedo bombers in several successful missions. Over the course of 1944, while his squadron suffered a 300 percent casualty rate among its pilots, an undaunted Bush won three Air Medals as well as a Presidential Unit Citation. In total, Bush flew 58 combat missions during the war.

Can a true leader only be formed through our military and its ranks? Is it the military that holds the highest regard for non partisan as the goal is to protect our country? Would both Washington And Bush hold those questions up in front of our future leaders to have an opportunity to bring our country back to the highest of American Values?!

Fast Forward to George H.W. Bush Presidency (1989-1993) and how he has been the most Non Partisan Leader of our recent time. Some people might call Non Partisan in this day as ‘Diplomatic’. Diplomacy is supposed to be used with foreign leaders but in our divided Republican and Democrat parties throughout Washington, D.C. and in our country. We The People allow the media to divide the United States further and it is time to try to bring the values of our past presidents back to our political lives through the people of our State of Florida and our United States Of America.

One last thought in the real true nature of what Non partisan is all about. Here are the top ten values of either George Washington or George H.W. Bush. Can you tell which one was true to these beliefs?

1. He believed in his men:

Belief is a choice before it is an emotion. Believe in your children. Believe in your wife. Believe in your family.

2. He was a man of exemplary character:

Fact – it’s a lot easier to take direction from a general, a coach, a CEO, or a dad who also leads from the front in terms of moral character. We can all be that man.

3. He treated others with the utmost respect:

Washington or Bush treated the lowliest private with the dignity and respect he afforded a visiting dignitary from Philadelphia. How we treat service personnel, subordinates at work, people on the telephone, the guy at the garage, our family members, all impacts the effectiveness of our role as a leader.

4. He held his men accountable:

Along with respect came expectation. I believe in you… therefore I expect you to come through. Same thing at home. We demonstrate to our children that we believe in them, and that we respect them – but if there is no consistent response in terms of guidance and discipline, we will eventually lose our edge as leaders.

5. He loved his men:

If you care, it shows. If you don’t, then that shows too. People will do a lot for you if they love you. If you love them, then the sky is the limit. How secure is your family in the knowledge of your love for them?

6. He placed the welfare of his men ahead of his own:

It’s not just that Washington or Bush was willing to take a bullet – there’s no glory in vain bravado. No, what Washington or Bush demonstrated is why he was willing, and it wasn’t for his own glory, it was for the cause and for the welfare of those who looked up to him and trusted him.

7. He was personally invested in the cause:

Washington or Bush put his money where his mouth was. He personally invested in the cause, not only blood, sweat and tears but cold hard cash too. Those who look to us for leadership are always conscious of the priorities that guide us.

8. He did not waver from his guiding principles:

He was against tyranny, so he was not a tyrant. He valued freedom, so he extended it to others. He believed in the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and he lived as if they were worth his own life to secure. Does our family know how deeply we hold our faith and our values?

9. He was a man of deep faith who demonstrated that via his actions:

Washington or Bush advanced his belief in God by living a godly life. He was not the kind of leader who gave fine speeches and then returned to the comforts of his own tent or barracks. Washington or Bush was respected as a man of faith more for what he did than what he said.

10. He took his responsibilities seriously:

Washington or Bush did not want to come out of retirement and the life he enjoyed at his estate and then lead a new nation. What he wanted was peace and quiet. But, he also knew that the mark of a leader is to use the gifts you have and to use them for the betterment of the world through public service. He did not shirk from that, even though he was tempted.

Which George held these beliefs in the highest regard?

The reason we have now lost our last president as a True NPA / No Party Affiliate / Non Partisan is because both of these Presidents held our country and the people of this country in the highest regard. We all know what is here now. Who will be strong enough to step forward and change the status quo?



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